Dandruff Brush – Can It Work?

March 13, 2012

Natural Dandruff

Can a simple hairbrush help reduce your dandruff suffering? Yes, but not any kind of hairbrush – A copper tipped dandruff brush can. These brushes are becoming very popular and effective at controlling dandruff symptoms. These brushes can be a valuable tool for natural dandruff treatments.

As with any dandruff product or treatment, there is no permanent cure. The best someone can hope for is a simple natural dandruff treatments regime that keeps all of the symptoms in check. Dandruff brushes are effective at eliminating the itch and the visible dandruff flakes.


Copper Dandruff BrushCopper has been used for a long time to neutralize bacteria and fungus (the cause of dandruff). Many folks who suffer from fungal arthritis wear copper bracelets to help with pain. Many people who work in dark and damp places, such as mines, often wear special copper socks to prevent foot fungus. A Chilean company even produces and sells copper underwear (no joke!)

There is no doubt that copper works to neutralize bacteria and fungus. It does not stop or prevent the bacteria from forming, but it does kill it when it appears.

Fungus forms naturally on everyone’s scalp, not just dandruff sufferers. Those who suffer from dandruff are more sensitive to this fungus. It takes some time for this fungus to do its work in producing dandruff symptoms.

The copper on the brush will kill this fungus before it has a chance. This is why many people are finding relief using a copper dandruff brush.


Most dandruff brushes do not come with detailed instructions for use. But people report relief using it once or twice a day.

These brushes are somewhat fragile, as the bristles can easily be pulled out. This brush is  not designed to be used as a detangling brush, or even a styling brush. Think of your dandruff brush as a luxury item that you will use to pamper yourself.

Use it in the morning before you leave the house, or in the evening before bed. A good brushing will remove any flakes in your hair. The soothing massage of the soft bristles is where the copper properties really kick in, and kills the fungus that lives on your scalp.


Many people using a dandruff brush report that they can now control their dandruff without using harsh dandruff shampoos. Of course, your results may vary. I do recommend the continued use natural dandruff shampoos.

Looking through the reviews, there is a common theme reported by people who have not had positive results from the brush. The most common mistake is that they are using the brush occasionally (two or three times a week). Another is using the brush BEFORE washing their hair.

Therefore, I recommend using the brush at least once every day, and use the brush AFTER washing your hair.


dandruff brush
There are several varieties of dandruff brushes. There is the regular size brush that resembles a standard styling brush.For those with thick or longer hair, there is a larger paddle brush (shown here).

There are more exotic dandruff brushes on the market that don’t use copper. An example is the Viatek dandruff brush which uses enriched oxygen. These other types of brushes do not seem to be as effective, and are more expensive than the standard Goody style dandruff brushes.

 PROs and CONs

Many users of dandruff brushes report very positive results. Some of the most common advantages are:


  • Affordable Cost ($9 – $15)
  • Soothing and soft on the scalp
  • Reduces itching
  • Reduction of visible flakes throughout the day


  • Fragile (bristles pull out easily)
  • Short life span (a few months)
  • Only available on-line

Overall the reviews are very positive. Everyone who suffers from dandruff should add a dandruff brush to their natural dandruff treatments arsenal. Even if it doesn’t cure or even relieve your dandruff symptoms, you can be assured that the soothing massage effect on your scalp will be well worth the money.